Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

 Home Loan is a high-esteem Loan. It regularly goes on for more than two decades and keeps the borrower obligated until the principal loan amount and the interest is settled upon off completely. Since it is probably the greatest loan at any point taken, one must consider their affordability and finances before a home loan is taken. To help you to comprehend the idea of your Eligibility, you can take help from the freely available online tool, known as the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator. The calculator is normally accessible for free with unlimited usages on all lender websites.

Each borrower needs to meet the eligibility criteria required to qualify for a home loan. This guarantees that he/she can reimburse the credit sum easily without defaulting. Neglecting to meet the eligibility criteria may prompt dismissal of the loan application, leaving a negative mark on the person's credit profile. In this way, guarantee to finish the preparation quicker and easier by satisfying the necessary eligibility criteria.

What elements decide Home Loan Eligibility? 

A few variables decide a borrower's eligibility for a home loan. A couple of the fundamental ones are as per the following: 

Age Bracket: Self-employed candidates falling inside the age section of 25 to 70 meet all requirements to apply for the loan. Salaried people must age somewhere in the range of 23 and 62 years to be qualified.

CIBIL Score: CIBIL score is 3-digit esteem which means the reliability of a person. A sound CIBIL score for Home Loan can be valuable to profit alluring highlights and better financing costs. 

Occupation: Applicants should either act naturally utilized (representative, specialist, sanctioned bookkeeper, and others) or salaried with any private or open area organization or an MNC. 

Minimum Earnings: Candidates must meet the base necessities as applicable. 

LTV and Property Value: The possibility of getting a higher loan amount is more if the property's market value is higher.

How To Use Home Loan Eligibility Calculator?

It is very simple and straightforward to use the Eligibility calculator on various lenders’ websites. Mention all the details as asked on the page of eligibility criteria. Moreover, make sure to give exact data to figure the right outcomes. Review all the passages and snap-on 'check your eligibility'. The calculator shows the maximum loan amount you can obtain from lenders. Apart from this, adjust the bar for other feasible tenors and check the amount you can avail. When you get the maximum eligibility amount, apply for a Home Loan according to your requirements.


Home Loan Eligibility calculator assists an individual to get an idea about his/her eligibility for a home loan and they also get an idea about the amount of home loan. It is always suggested to fill the correct details to get exact eligibility criteria. 

* Specific loan program availability and requirements may vary. Please get in touch with your mortgage advisor for more information.