Important Factors that Determine Mortgage Rates

Are you curious in knowing how mortgages are determined? Mortgage interest rates are helpful in deciding whether it is the right time to buy or not. To obtain a mortgage, it is imperative to know how rates are calculated and what factors affect the Mortgage Rate. A mortgage loan is one in which you secure funds, and the charges/interests are applied for the loan against property. Some mortgages are affected by your personal decisions While others are out of control. A mortgage is one thing that changes from time to time & leaves a very significant impact on the overall cost. Moreover, interest rates can vary from a variety of different banks and lenders. Read onto this post to know “How to get a lower interest rate” and what unseen factors determine the mortgage rate.

Factors That Affect Mortgage Rates Are Discussed Below

When it comes to the mortgage rate, there are complex calculations and elements concealed beneath. Here, we have tried to list them all.

Credit Score

Higher the credit score, the lowest the mortgage rates. When you have a credit score of 740 or higher you can expect the best mortgage rates. If you have a low credit score, you might find it difficult to get high-amount loans. A low credit score tends to have high and few interest rates options.

Loan-To-Value Ratio

Loan-To-Value Ratio is the comparison done with the home’s value. A loan-To-Value Ratio higher than 80% is called to be higher and can put lenders at high risks. When the Loan-To-Value Ratio is greater coupled with a lower credit score, it results in a higher mortgage rate and requires insurance too.

Home Location

Lenders offer different interest rates based on the location you live in. You need to put in your state name, loan amount & type followed by the country. If you are looking for a loan in rural, you have the option to shop from multiple lenders on different loan products.

The Level of Economy

Mortgages rates are high for fast economic growth & low unemployment rate.  When inflation falls and the economy slows down, mortgage rates also fall. GDP tends to affect mortgage rates to a great extent. Unemployment leads to decreased demand for loans which lowers the interest rates.


When there is a rise in inflation, interest rates also rise automatically. Low inflation means low-interest rates, when prices go down, lenders demand low-interest rates.

Job Growth

Job growth tends to improve economic growth and thus higher wages and interest rates.  Please note; the connection to higher rates in correlation with the job is not yet clear.  

Federal Reserve Monetary Policy

Federal Reserve Monetary Policy is a crucial element in influencing both economy and mortgage interest rates. Though the Federal Reserve Bank has not set any specific interest rates, it tends to adjust the money supply and leave an impact on the interest rates, including mortgage rates. When the money supply is high, the pressure on rates is downward.

The Bond Market

The overall situation of the bond market indirectly affects mortgages' interest rates. Lenders charge sufficient for the bond market (Banks & MBSs) to attract buyers as borrowers. This helps them remain competitive in the total debt security market. Generally, the average spread for MBSs above tenure of 10 years is approximately 1.7%.

 Housing Market Situations

Trends play a key role in affecting mortgage rates. The decline in home purchasing demand leads o a decline in mortgage interest rates. Downward pressure is applied when there is an increment in the number of people opting to rent rather than buy. Trends have to do a lot with mortgage interest rates.

Other Metrics

Mortgage lenders charge interests, depending on several factors that include stock prices, borrowers’ situations, retail & home sales, corporate earnings, and others.

The Bottom Line

Though the overall level of mortgage rates is set by the market, the financial health of borrowers also plays a crucial role in affecting mortgage interest rates. The lowest interest rates are applied to borrowers with a solid credit score. It is important to know, not every lender charges the same rates and charges.  You can learn more about finances, and mortgage rates by connecting with experienced professionals at Lawhorn Mortgage Company. They will guide you through the entire process of taking a loan.